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Qingdao University of Science & Technology: domestic iPB resin production to break the gap
Source:http://www.petplasticproducts.com2016/9/27 23:02:51

High isotactic polybutene (iPB) is a kind of special polyolefin material, has excellent thermal creep properties and resistance to stress cracking, iPB thermal creep was significantly better than that of general polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), can be used for a long time under 95 degrees, mainly used for industrial and civil hot and cold water pipes and its accessories, is the best material for heating pipe.

At present, Qingdao University of Science & Technology plastic new material synthesis and application in research team advanced butene polymerization process, polymer particle morphology control, isotactic and high efficient catalyst was developed with the intellectual property of the butene polymerization technology, to fill the blank production of iPB resin in china.

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