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The first synthetic resin sleeper switch in Guiyang through the acceptance
Source:http://www.petplasticproducts.com2016/9/25 17:31:35

Recently, China Railway four Bureau Group, the eight branch of the Guiyang Rail Transit Line 1 rail synthetic resin sleeper 60-9 turnout construction project successfully completed the first acceptance work.
Guiyang city housing and Urban Construction Bureau of quality and technical supervision station, Guiyang city Orbital Corporation and China creec engineering Refco Group Ltd, four Bureau of China Railway Group, Guiyang Metro Line 1, 2 project department relevant personnel inspection group, divided into two aspects of site inspection and acceptance inspection data.
Field inspection work in Guiyang Metro Line 1 pa station, inspection personnel according to the design and specification requirements, through the actual measurement, observation, careful inspection of the reinforcing bar, the first group of turnout welding, gauge, direction control etc.. Data acceptance group in the meeting room to carry out strict inspection of the internal industry information. Acceptance group agreed that the project Department of construction of Guiyang Rail Transit Line 1 rail synthetic resin sleeper 60-9 turnout Construction Engineering first acceptance, passed the acceptance.
Synthetic resin pillow, which is made of continuous fiber reinforced polyurethane foam, is a kind of new light and high strength environmental protection material, which plays an important role in the construction of urban rail transit. It is convenient for construction, easy maintenance, with very high price, is a substitute for wood, concrete sleeper. Turnout and bridge top, platform and other special parts which is especially applicable to the subway, to reduce timber harvesting, and water absorption, good insulation, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good oil resistance, good heat resistance, good fire resistance, can maintain strength, dimensional accuracy of the construction of long-term, improve comfort and the safety of rail transportation.

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