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China's smart manufacturing industry has reached five points, the Ministry of industry and credit
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Wheel drive demand and policy, China intelligent manufacturing industry has entered the era of "trillion".
In September 26th, the German CPS and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, Chinese Electronics Association vice chairman and Secretary General Xu Xiaolan said that the Chinese intelligent manufacturing industry has begun to take shape, it is estimated that China intelligent manufacturing industry sales revenue from 300 billion yuan in 2010, increased to 1 trillion yuan last year.
Xu Xiaolan said, Chinese intelligent manufacturing professional park construction is like a raging fire, "3D printing, robots, drones, CNC machine tools, intelligent equipment, intelligent has been built and the manufacturing industrial park, is expected to total 100 home."
Intelligent manufacturing scale has reached one trillion
According to the investment advisor in the latest research report shows that in 2015 China's smart manufacturing output value of about 1 trillion, 2020 is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of about 20%.
However, China's intelligent manufacturing industry is still in its initial stage of development. The report pointed out that the most China enterprises in the development stage, only 16% of enterprises to enter the stage of application of intelligent manufacturing intelligent manufacturing; from the economic point of view, 52% intelligent manufacturing enterprise income contribution rate of less than 10%, 60% of the contribution to the intelligent manufacturing enterprises less than 10% profit rate. Intelligent manufacturing level is low, which means great potential for the subsequent development.
And the different China development of intelligent manufacturing must solve 4 problems of industrial layout of industrial promotion, 3, makeup industry 2 parallel propulsion, many small and medium-sized enterprises of intelligent manufacturing where to start is very confused. Li Yizhong, the former Minister of the Ministry of industry from the digital research and development design, manufacturing equipment, CNC, intelligent control, manufacturing services, such as the five point of the entry point of Intelligent Manufacturing China path". The concrete floor in intelligent manufacturing steps, still need to search up and down and even trial and error.
Intelligent manufacturing in China
In the forum, the former Minister of the Ministry of Li Yizhong believes that China's smart manufacturing should investigate the characteristics of Germany, the United States, combined with China's national conditions to promote.
He believes that Germany's advantage is highly developed manufacturing industry, its industrial 4 more attention to the real economy, the importance of intelligent production line, built into a smart plant. While the United States has the technology, financial resources, and the advantages of the network, pay more attention to the development of the Internet industry, through the interconnection, make full use of domestic social resources potential, at the same time, the technology and the advantage of network, control the commanding heights of international manufacturing industry.
"2, 3, 4 Chinese industrial coexist, the German and not the same, we are planning to build 4, 3, but also had to fill 2 debts. But China has the advantage of a huge market potential, the huge demand for industrialization and urbanization and a strong accumulation of funds." Li Yizhong said.
Chinese automation technology alliance secretary general, President of the Institute of plant intelligence analysis said Wang Jian, China the majority of small and medium enterprises (especially private enterprises, Small and micro businesses) for intelligent manufacturing is still very confused, even know the concept, but also do not know where to start.
Li Yizhong proposed a set of China's development of intelligent manufacturing path, and proposed five entry points.
The first is the research focus on the implementation of digital design, simulation, 3D description, high-speed operation, big data tools, according to the statistics, the current use of Chinese digital tools in the research and design of the rate is 52%, he believes that 2025 will be increased to 84%.
The second breakthrough point is the electronic information technology embedded products, improve the quality, function and added value. In particular, the key components, components, the key new materials, in this regard our self-sufficiency rate of only 20%. The most typical is our high-end chips, almost all to be imported, we want to actively develop, to 2020 self-sufficiency rate to be increased to 70%."
Third is the manufacturing equipment numerical control, to promote the development of CNC machine tools, robots, 3D, so that the key process control rate increased from 27% to 64%.
The fourth is the manufacturing process of intelligent control, to further enhance the production process from automation to intelligent, "our current production line automation ratio is 54%, but to a higher level, to improve the intelligence, so as to achieve safety, flexible manufacturing."
The fifth breakthrough point is to establish a set of new manufacturing services within the enterprise. Li Yizhong believes that the new smart manufacturing procedures should be able to achieve the standard design work, and the quality of safety, energy consumption, material consumption, environmental protection and other elements to achieve precise control, so that the manufacturing plant to become a smart plant.
Interpretation and Prospect of intelligent manufacturing process in China
Xu Xiaolan said that on the one hand, China's development has a lot of its own characteristics, and now there is not much experience to follow. On the other hand, new technologies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like development, including some disruptive technology, which may bring unexpected development or transformation of the pattern for the related industries, so in the process of formulating policies may produce errors, intelligent manufacturing should be tolerance of trial and error.
The development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry has a strong market momentum. With the sharp rise in labor costs, while the cost of automated production line dropped significantly, making the company in the expansion of production, the priority to select a higher degree of automation of the production line. Xu Xiaolan said, this demand is to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, but she stressed that in some places the great leap forward to promote the machine substitutions, think this is the intelligent manufacturing, which is one-sided and simplistic understanding of intelligent manufacturing. In her view, intelligent manufacturing to a wider range, is the information technology, network technology and intelligent technology used in the design, manufacturing, management and services and other industrial production of the various rings

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