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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision spot checks: 2 batches of substandard food packaging bags
Source:http://www.petplasticproducts.com2016/10/6 14:04:10

In September 29th, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the official website of the 2016 Shanghai city food composite film, plastic packing bag special quality supervision and inspection results, a total of 95 batches of product sampling, inspection, of which 2 batches of substandard products.
According to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Shanghai City, a total of plastic food packaging composite membrane, bag for production of a total of 81 enterprises, planned by 81, the actual product has pumped 64, the sample of 17 companies shut down due to other reasons are not able to sample.
The sample on the basis of GB9683 "composite packing bag for food hygiene standards", "GB/T10004 packaging plastic composite membrane, bag, composite dry extrusion composite" GB/T18192 "liquid food aseptic packaging paper based composite materials", GB18454-2001 "aseptic packaging of liquid food with composite bag," GB/T18706 "liquid food preservation packaging paper base composite materials" GB19741, "liquid food packaging plastic composite membrane, bag," QB2197 "Mustard packaging composite membrane, bag", "BB/T0014", BB/T0039 clip chain bag "retail packaging bag" and other national standards and related standards, the following items of food plastic packaging composite film bag were tested: tensile strength, tensile strength, fracture strain, nominal peel strength of the inner layer plastic film, anti Charpy impact energy heat sealing strength, water vapor permeability, oxygen permeability Weight, peel strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, pressure resistance, bag bag drop performance, sealing strength, light transmittance, dart impact test, sensory, toluene two amine, residual solvent amount, benzene solvent residue, evaporation residue, Potassium Permanganate consumption, heavy metals, decolorization test.
The results showed that Shanghai kingsir Packaging Co. Ltd. (nominal) production of 1 batches of transparent vacuum bag (specification: 20cm * 25cm * 7 wire 4200; production date / batch number: April 11, 2016 /), was detected in the oxygen permeation rate of unqualified items; Shanghai Dong Cheng industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (nominal) production of 1 batches of compound bag (Zheng Zhu) (specification: 220mm * 150mm; production date / batch number: January 28, 2016 /), were detected in total solvent residue (mg/m~2|) project failed.

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