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Easy Open Can
Easy Open Can
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A new generation of plastic cover  ---Easy Open Can

Company scientific research personnel in 2015 to break the bottleneck of industry technology, developed not to hurt the hand new plastic cover  Easy Open Can, now more than 30 national patent protection, is now facing the National Recruitment agents provinces and cities.

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In 2015, Shandong Linyi omnitec plastic industry technology research and development to break the bottleneck, does not hurt the hand to cover new plastic cover (Open Cap Easy), more than 30 countries, such as China and the United States patent protection more than 22 countries, more than countries registered trademark, a variety of 10 series, hundreds of specifications have guaranteed quality. Unlike ordinary plastic cans, Easy Open Cap for the tank cover and pull the plastic PP material, tank design, elegant, sealing strong, pull cover is not easy to scratch the hand, more practical more security.                                                                              

Easy Open Cap as the second generation of the new plastic cans, the use of safe and nontoxic food grade PP, PET material, quality and safety is guaranteed; a variety of colors and patents cover Xpress custom collocation, show beautiful and generous; card slot lock perfect sealing, dispense with aluminum sealing confidential seal link and defective goods, more convenient and practical; Le cap opening exquisitely designed not to hurt the hand, open pleasure, intimate more security.
Easy Open Cap as a new type of packaging containers, in life can be sealed and stored food, liquid, it can be packaged fruit juice, milk, containing carbonated beverages, coffee, cosmetics, oil etc., very convenient and practical. And Le Kai cover using barrier (airtight) excellent packaging materials, can effectively prevent food spoilage, applicable to store a variety of pickled products such as all kinds of pickled vegetables and soy products, fruit and other various needs fresh food.
Tank transparent moisture, fresh when fresh. Plastic bottle body design, easy to clean safety and health; transparent body beautiful, easy to distinguish between storage of food; a variety of sizes of bottles and orderly stacked, save storage space, give you a better and more secure life experience.
Easy open cap has been fully listed, is now facing the global and domestic Recruitment agents, partners, are invited to join, cooperation and win-win.

Advantage one: free to enjoy the industry chain of the whole industry.

Advantage Two: with omnitec patent to cover the local exclusive sales agent.

Advantage three: the company engineers to solve the problem of your production.
  Happy to open, can be a good mood, easy life, from the beginning.

Easy Open Cap|Professional Manufacturer of Plastic Cans-China Linyi Haotai Plastic Product  Co.

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